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TIPCHECK is the European stand­ard for thermal en­ergy audit­ing of in­dus­trial in­stall­a­tions. KAE­FERs in­su­la­tion ex­perts are cer­ti­fied and qual­ity con­troled to carry out a Tech­nical In­su­la­tion Per­form­ance Check (TIPCHECK) at your fa­cil­ity.

TIPCHECK is cost reduction while engaging specific adopted economical insulation solutions. KAEFER, as leader in insulation contracting, not only has a vision "to eliminate energy waste" but also offers you optimization of industrial installations while enabling ecological and economical functions. 

TIPCHECK is executed by special trained and certified TIPCHECK engineers and consists of following steps:  

  • Investigation
  • Analysis
  • Consultation
  • Calculation of  indicators

Parts of object are being photographed while using thermal camera that provides information about weak existing insulation points. Detailed analysis is basis for expanded consultation with specified technical indicators and costs related to them. Insulation that is more effective not only conserves energy, saves money and reduces emissions, but also have positive influence in controlling processes and safety in work place.