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The cur­rent is­sue of our com­pany magazine K-WERT is avail­able for down­load here, to­gether with prior is­sues from the archives. The magazine is all about KAEFER and provides in­ter­est­ing in­form­a­tion for em­ploy­ees, cus­tom­ers and any­one who wants to get a feel for what we do.


Read our company magazine K-WERT online, you can find the latest edition here, together with prior issues from the archives.

Looking for a prior K-WERT edition?

K-WERT archive 

K-WERT 39 - English

K-WERT 39 - German

K-WERT 39 - Spanish

K-WERT 39 - French

K-WERT 39 - Polish