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Executed projects

2018 - 2019

Project Work description Scope LocationMain Contractor
"FCC Filter". ORLEN Lietuva Insulation and Tiling of Metal Structures - FCC FILTRO Insulation and Surveying Works Insulation / Tin: ~ 1.900m2 (FCC Filter); ~ 200m2 (auxiliary devices) Juodeikių k., Mažeikių raj. UAB "Litana ir Ko" / GE / AB "ORLEN Lietuva"
"Bitumen tanks". Cosmica Isolation and mooring works of bitumen tanks in Customer's production area in Kaunas  Insulation / Tiling: ~ 40pcs. (60, 80, 100m3) bitumen capacity Kaunas UAB "Cosmica" Kaunas UAB "Cosmica"
"Boiler K-2 Repair". ORLEN Lietuva
Repair of boiler K-2 in "Thermal Power Plant" AB ORLEN Lietuva territory
Insulation / Tinning: ~ 1.400m2 (Smoke, air ducts and pipelines);
U / a concrete installation: 8pcs. (Burners)
Juodeikių k., Mažeikių raj. UAB "AXIS Technologies" / AB "ORLEN Lietuva"
E-2 VŠK boiler PTVM-100 No.2 "
Reconstruction of E-2 VŠK boiler PTVM-100 No.2 for NoX reduction Insulation / Tin: ~ 500m2 (Boiler, smoke, air / smoke ducts); ~ 240m (Pipelines)
U / a Concrete Installation: 6pcs. (Burners)
Vilnius UAB "AXIS Technologies" / AB "Vilniaus šilumos tinklai"
"SCT Ground Track 5T". KKJ Repair of thermal insulation of SCT ground track 5T (DN1000) Insulation / Tin: length of the pipeline is 375m Kaunas JSC "Elektrėnai Energetikos Remontas" / JSC "Kauno Kogeneracine Power Plant"



 ProjectWork description LocationMain Contractor
TOTAL LA MEDE Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling La Mede, France KAEFER WANNER S.A.S.
NAPHTACHIMIE Thermal Insulation Lavera, France KAEFER WANNER S.A.S.
ENGIE Electrabel Doel Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling Antwerpen, Belgium KAEFER BELGIE NV
BP LINGEN Thermal Insulation Lingen (Ems), Germany KAEFER Industrie GmbH


 ProjectWork descriptionScope LocationMain Contractor
VERSALIS Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling, Hot insulation Scaffolding 800 t, cold and thermal insulation 10000 m2 Dun­ke­rque, France  KAEFER WANNER S.A.S.
TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling, Hot insulation Scaffolding 700 t, thermal insulation: equipment 2600 m2, pipelines - 2000 m2. Harf­leur, France  KAEFER WANNER S.A.S.
Tallinn CHP II (II-as etapas).  Equipment and steam, heating, condensate, etc. insulation and tin plating of technological pipelines. Isolation - 755m3; Tin - 6.890m2 Ta­linas, Es­tonia OÜ “Au­ragen” 
VE-2. Repair of thermal insulation of boilers No.6 and No.7 after reconstruction of boilers Installation of refractory concrete layer, surface insulation, plastering painting  665m2 Vil­nius, Lithuania  UAB Vil­niaus ener­gija
GPA Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling Scaffolding 2500 t Ant­vew­pen, Bel­gium  KAEFER - Bel­gium / Gunvor Pet­ro­leum Ant­werpen
Sodra Cell Varo Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling   Väröbacka, Sweden  KAEFER AB
LEG  Scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling, insulation Pipe insulation: 5.700m
Device isolation: 2.400m2
Refractory boiler repair: 120m³
Removal of thermal insulation 12,000 m³
Scaffold erection / dismantling 76,000 m³
Elekt­renai, Li­thu­ania Lie­tuvos ener­gijos ga­myba AB 
VE service works Equipment insulation, masonry, plaster repair works Pipe insulation 4.500m
Device isolation 3.500m2
Refractory for boilers repairing 100m³
Scaffold erection / dismantling (volume on customer's request)
Vil­nius, Lithuania  Vil­niaus ene­re­gija, UAB

2014 - 2015

ProjectWork descriptionScopeLocationClient
VKG PETROTER 3 project In­su­la­tion; Scaf­fold­ing Pip­ing in­su­la­tion 1.500 m2
Equip­ment&Ducts in­su­la­tion 3.550 m2
8.850m³ scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling
Kothla-Jarve, Es­to­nia Viru Keemia Grupp, AS
AB "Lietuvos energijos gamyba" Insulation removal Units No.1&2 In­su­la­tion re­moval. Scaf­fold­ing work Boil­ers: 10.315m2 (as­bes­tos plaster) / 2.474m3 (as­bes­tos in­su­la­tion) re­mov­ing
Tur­bines: 1.730m2 (as­bes­tos plaster) / 478m3 (as­bes­tos in­su­la­tion ) re­mov­ing
Ducts/​Equip­ment: 5.400m2 (as­bes­tos plaster) / 755m3 (as­bes­tos In­su­la­tion) re­mov­ing
31.800 m³ scaf­fold­ing in­stall­a­tion/​dis­mant­ling
Elektrenai, Lithuania Li­etu­vos en­er­gi­jos gamyba, AB
NESTE OIL HEXI and BESSI projects In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of tanks and pipelines, fire pro­tec­tion of bear­ing columns and cable troughs. 9000 m2 Por­voo, Fin­land KAEFER OY
TOTAL Donges project In­su­la­tion and clad­ding. Scaf­fold­ing works.   France KAEFER Wan­ner SAS
AB "Lietuvos energijos gamyba" Biofuel boiler In­su­la­tion and clad­ding air and smoke ducts for bio­fuel boiler 1325 m2 (smoke ducts) and 1240 m2 (air ducts) Elektrėnai, Lithuania KAUNO EN­ER­GETIKOS RE­MONTAS, UAB / LI­ETU­VOS EN­ER­GI­JOS GAMYBA, AB
AB "Grigiskes" PM6 project In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of equip­ment, pipelines and ducts 230 m2 (equip­ment), 1170 m2 (ducts) and 810 m2 (pipelines) Vil­nius, Lithuania KBR PO­LAND, SP. Z O.O. / GRIGIŠKĖS, AB
Insulation and cladding of electrostatic filters (ESP) In­su­la­tion and clad­ding, scaf­fold­ing works 615 m2 (Kaunas, 2 units), 1020 m2 (Vil­nius, 1 unit), 790 m2 (Elektrėnai, 2 units) Lithuania AXIS TECH­NO­LO­GIES, UAB / ONEKS IN­VEST, UAB / VIL­NIAUS EN­ER­GIJA UAB / LI­ETU­VOS EN­ER­GI­JOS GAMYBA, AB
AB "Lietuvos energijos gamyba" Steam boiler In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of pipes and smoke ducts in steam boiler 3920 m2 (pipelines) and 140 m2 (smoke ducts) Elektrėnai, Lithuania KAUNO EN­ER­GETIKOS RE­MONTAS, UAB / LI­ETU­VOS EN­ER­GI­JOS GAMYBA, AB
AB "Amilina" Syrups plant In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of tanks and pipes. Scaf­fold­ing work 10200 m2 (in­su­la­tion of tanks), 3800 m2 (in­su­la­tion of pipelines) 21000m3 (scaf­fold­ing) Pan­evezys, Lithuania Amilina, AB
UAB "Vilniaus energija" Insulation and masonry maintenance works of E-2 steam boiler No. 4 Fire res­ist­ant ma­sonry and in­su­la­tion dis­man­til­ing and res­tor­a­tion on vari­ous sur­faces of boiler 1 set Vil­nius, Lithuania ELEKTRĖNŲ EN­ER­GETIKOS RE­MONTAS, UAB / VIL­NIAUS EN­ER­GIJA, UAB


2012 - 2013

 ProjectWork descriptionScopeLocationClient
AB "Lietuvos energija", 3rd and 4th power blocks Dis­mant­ling of old thermal as­bes­tos con­tain­ing in­su­la­tion 6050 m2 Elektrenai, Lithuania  LI­ETU­VOS EN­ER­GIJA, AB
AB "Klaipėdos nafta“ HOP ( park of Heavy oil products) reconstruction, 2 units of 32250 m3 tanks In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of tanks and pipes. Scaf­fold­ing work. 9320 m2 Klaipėda, Lithuania RUDESTA, UAB / KLAIPĖDOS NAFTA, AB
AB "ORLEN Lietuva". Shutdown 2012. LK-1 and KT-1. Scaf­fold­ing, in­su­la­tion of pipelines and equip­ment 111.000 m3 scaf­fold­ing, 16.800 m2 in­su­la­tion Mazeikiai, Lithuania OR­LEN Li­etuva, AB
AB "Biofuture" Technological columns, auxiliary equipment and technological pipelines In­su­la­tion and clad­ding 2010 m2 Silute, Lithuania BIO­FU­TURE, AB
CEMEX cement factory, smoke ducts In­su­la­tion and clad­ding 660 m2 Bro­ceni, Latvia RUDESTA, UAB
FORTUM Klaipeda biofuel and waste incineration power plant. Boiler. In­su­la­tion and clad­ding 11.060 m2 Klai­peda, Lithuania KAEFER In­dus­trie GmbH / Fisia Bab­cock En­vir­on­ment


2005 - 2011

 ProjectWork descriptionScopeLocationClient
FORTUM Klaipeda biofuel and waste incineration power plant. Fabric filter. In­su­la­tion and clad­ding 4.000 m2 Klai­peda, Lithuania POLIMEX-Mostostal SA / AL­STOM Power Sweden AB
CCGT project in Lithuania Power Plant, unit No. 9 (400 Mw) Gas tur­bine, pip­ing and equip­ment in­su­la­tion 23,000m2 Pip­ing and equip­ment in­su­la­tion, scaf­fold­ing. 1400 m2 Gas tur­bine and aux­il­i­ary equip­ment in­su­la­tion, scaf­fold­ing. Elektrenai, Lithuania IBER­DROLA
LYONDELLBASEL plant Scaf­fold­ing 10 000 m3 Berre, France KAEFER WAN­NER 
 POLIMERI Europa France Plant Scaf­fold­ing, in­su­la­tion of equip­ment and pipes 2 200 m2 / 25 500 m3 Mardyck, France KAEFER WAN­NER / POLIMERI Europe France
HOLCIM cement plant In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of fil­ter and pipelines 1200 m2 Grand Cour­rone, France KAEFER WAN­NER / HOLCIM
HAFSLUNG production plant In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of pipelines and fil­ter 1000 m2 Nor­way KAEFER Con­struc­tion AS
Cruise ship C33 Fire pro­tec­tion, in­su­la­tion 9000 m2 St.Nazaire, France KAEFER WAN­NER / STX Europe
LITWIN Sarcelles Waste incineration plant In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of equip­ment and fil­ter 1000 m2 Sar­celles, France KAEFER WAN­NER
Riga TPP-2 reconstruction In­su­la­tion of equip­ment and pipes 12 500 m2 / 10 000 m3 Riga, Latvia IBER­DROLA In­gen­ieria y Con­sultoria
Darley Dale lead plant In­su­la­tion and clad­ding of fil­ter and pipelines 1400 m2 Dar­ley Dale, UK AL­STOM
BIO Venta Biodiesel factory In­su­la­tion of tanks, equip­ment and pipes 2 300 m2 Vent­spils, Latvia CON­TRUC­TUS SIA

OSB boards factory reconstruction OSB panels factory

In­su­la­tion of equip­ment and pipes, scaf­fold­ing 4 600 m2 / 7000 m3 Riga, Latvia  Bol­deraja Ltd

KLAI-PET I, KLAI-PET II Polypropylene plant

In­su­la­tion of equip­ment and pipes, scaf­fold­ing 24 000 m2  Klai­peda, Lithuania  CON­STRUC­TUS
 Elektrenai WFGD Fume clearing filters Fume clearing filters In­su­la­tion of equip­ment and pipes, scaf­fold­ing 26 000 m2 / 40 000 m3 Lithuanian Power Plant, Elektrenai, Lithuania AL­STOM Power Sweden