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Energy Producing Industry


We help to pro­duce the power for today, with a fo­cus on to­mor­row – world­wide.


Our ser­vices for the En­ergy Pro­du­cing In­dustry

Icon Insulation
Icon Access
Access Solutions
Icon Surface Protection
Surface Protection
Icon Passive Fire Protection
Passive Fire Protection
Icon Refractory
Icon Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Solutions
Icon NDT
Non-destructive Testing

Our Products & Sys­tems

In­su­la­tion mat­tresses
Cas­sette in­su­la­tion
Re­flect­ive metal in­su­la­tion
Tur­bine spray in­su­la­tion
Nuclear Cassettes
Cassette insulation of main steam collector in a nuclear power plant

What we do for the En­ergy Pro­du­cing In­dustry

  • Planning and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Material supply and delivery
  • Assembly and installation
  • Service and maintenance
  • Project and quality management
  • General contracting services
  • Inspection and testing
  • Thermal auditing
  • Energy audits & TIPCHECK
Night photo of Biodiesel manufacturing plant, Germany
Biodiesel manufacturing plant, Germany

Where we work in the En­ergy Pro­du­cing In­dustry

  • Power plants including turbine insulation
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Thermal-solar plants, bio energy and environmental technology
  • Energy from waste plants, combined heat & power
Gemasolar, Spain
Gemasolar, Spain © Torresol Energy